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March 15, 2014

On 14 March 2014, the Wad-Sherifey Elementary School for Eritrean Refugees in Eastern Sudan ended its academic year for 2013-2014 in a colourful ceremony attended by invited guests, parents and town dwellers.

Of the 616 students who took part in the final exams, 526 (i.ei. 85.5%) were promoted; 274 were boys and 252 girls.

At the ceremony, students showed plays, dramas, traditional songs and poetry in Arabic, Tigre, Tigrigna as well as in English. Most of the children attended grades one to six but there were 55 girls and 46 boys who were taught in English at grades seven and eight.

Background of Eritrean Refugees:

During the struggle for Eritrean independence against the Ethiopian occupation which lasted for 30 years (1961-1991), the Ethiopian occupation army unleashed the scorched earth terror using aerial and artillery bombardment and roving troops that rounded up villages and towns, burned homes, slaughtered cattle and destroyed crops.  Such indiscriminate and perpetual mass killings escalated to all over Eritrea.  It was this horror that created big waves of flights across the border into neighboring countries, particularly The Sudan for refuge.

Since independence, Eritrea has been ruled by a self appointed dictator that has denied the Eritrean people to live in peace, justice and prosperity.  The youth has been leaving the country to escape forced conscription and persecution imposed upon them by the existing rogue one-man and one-party regime.

Today, the number of Eritrean Refugees living in The Sudan is over 770,000.  The living standard is low with inadequate health services and schools for the children.  This kind of hardship led EDA toinitiate this “Sponsor a Child” program.

Sponsor a Child

EDA, through its project Sponsor a Child will strive to help the Eritrean refugee children and their families trapped in the vicious cycle of poverty to overcome difficult circumstances and achieve their dreams of self-sufficiency.


How child sponsorship works?

Sponsorship is the best way to change the life of a poor child in a developing country.  Your sponsorship through EDA connects you with one very real child and his or her family.  Your donation can transform the life of a needy child in poverty by providing him or her with some of life’s basic needs, education, health care and nutritious food.  

How much does a sponsor have to contribute to sponsor a child?

It costs a sponsor less than one dollar a day.  Each sponsorship pays $20.00 a month or $240.00 a year, payable in advance quarterly, every six months or annually, whichever is convenient.  Your sponsorship donations are tax deductible.  EDA is a tax exempt nonprofit corporation.  No deductions will be made from the sponsor’s donations for administrative purposes or any overhead costs.  EDA volunteers will facilitate the process at no charge to anyone. Therefore, all sponsorship payments 100% will go to the sponsored child or his / her family.  If for any reason at any time, you are unable to continue the sponsorship, please remember to inform us three months in advance and within that time we will find a sponsor and ensure the uninterrupted support to the child.

What do you get as a sponsor?

The sponsor’s ultimate reward is spiritual satisfaction and self fulfilment by impacting a real and lasting difference in the life of a growing child.  You’ll know you are making a difference through the
photos and letters you receive from your sponsored child. You will also receive an annual report from EDA on project reports and how funds were delivered. As a sponsor you may want to send cards or letters to your child to help build a relationship.

We are calling for your help in giving a light of hope to a child in a desperate need.

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Sponsor a Child Enrolment Form

First Name ____________________ MI _____ Last Name _____________________

Address ______________________________________________________________

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Tell # _____________________ E-mail address ______________________________

Yes, I am pleased to sponsor a child living in the refugee camps in The Sudan and Ethiopia.  With
the help of my contributions, I want the displaced child to go to school, enhance his / her human
dignity and grow up to a self sufficient adult.  

Please sign me up as a sponsor and keep me informed of the progress.

I want to make a monthly contribution of $20.00 payable on:

$60.00____ Quarterly,      $120.00___Every six months,    or   $240.00___Annually

Send your contributions payable to:

Eritrean Democratic Association, Inc.
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EDA, Inc
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