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Human trafficking in Sinai, Egypt

Eritrean Democratic Association, Inc. (EDA), a non-profit
humanitarian corporation registered in California, USA, has been
following the refugees saga in the bloody hands of the human
trafficking Bedouin Clans in North Sinai, Egypt.  The Board of
Directors of EDA joins all the humanitarian organizations and
democratic associations who have been calling for the elimination
of the scam business of human trafficking.  

The Eritrean youth deprived of higher education and bright future
by the repressive dictatorial regime of President Isaias Afewerki
have been left with the option to leave their country desperately
to look for better educational and life opportunities abroad.  
President Isaias who started as a provisional leader since the
Eritrean independence in 1991, governs a one party state that
brutally repress human freedoms and democratic rights with an
iron fist.  He called off the implementation of the constitution and
deferred elections indefinitely.  His gross human and international
violations has plunged Eritrea to suffer under United Nations

The network of the human traffickers launched the scam business
of safe passage promise to Israel and beyond that lured Eritreans
along with other refugees from the horn of African nations.  The
scam business however, turned into making money through
hostage holding and extortion is currently holding hundreds of
innocent refugees in containers malnourished and deteriorating
health conditions that has caused for some to die in misery.

EDA has also learned that there are some Eritrean associates who
are vehemently engaging themselves in such a criminal activity for
the sole purpose of making money from suffering Eritreans.  EDA
resources also ascertain the involvement of some Eritrean
government officers in this tragic chain of criminal activities. It is
reported that some of the hostages’ families residing in the West,
in a hopeless attempt of rescuing their loved ones, are being
ordered to make ransom money remittances to a bank in Asmara.

EDA urges the international humanitarian organizations, The UN,
EU, AU, The US and The Egyptian people to take immediate action
to free the refugees held hostage under the Bedouin human
traffickers in North Sinai, Egypt.  

EDA congratulates the ongoing uprising by the respective people
against the dictatorial regimes in Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen and
others with wishes of success in their peaceful means of struggle
to achieve a just and democratic system.

EDA also would like to call an international action to support The
Eritrean people in its endeavor to oust the brutal dictatorial

EDA Board of Directors
February 6, 2011