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              Wad-Sherifay Refugee School Closes Academic Year: 2019-2020  April 3, 2020

The Wad-Sherifay Eritrean Refugee School closed the academic year 2019-2020 by
mid-March 2020 while the Covid-19 pandemic is raging and taking lives around the
world. This year’s graduation ceremony was not attended by guests or family
members due to the Corona virus pandemic.

This academic year has been very tumultuous, not only because of the recent Covid-
19 infectious disease, but also due to the political turbulence that took place in the
Sudan. As a consequence, many regular school hours were lost. Thanks to the
teachers diligent work, the lost hours were gained by giving lessons after the
ordinary school hours, thus the study program was completed.                              
Below is a photo taken while students were sitting for their final exam.

A total of 696 students both females and males were registered at the beginning of
the academic year. Due to a number of reasons such as, sickness, security reasons
and immigration, only 580 students have been able to sit in the final examination.
Finally, at the closing ceremony 525 students passed to the next level and only 55
students had failed.

Eritrean women’s association in diaspora made a donation of hygiene products for
more than 200 girls which were given to them twice per year.  Two Eritrean
individuals residing in Australia and Canada separately donated office items to the


During this academic year, on behalf of the Wad-Sherifey School, EDA received
generous donations of $500.00 from Lufti Investment Co. Inc.; $700.00 from Mr. Jerry
Kopel; $200.00 from Mr. Mengisteab Haile; and $200.00 from Mr. Bahgey Berhane.  
These donors are all residents of The U.S.A.

Well -deserved reparation of the school which was damaged because of storms was
planned to take place during the vacation season. That is now on hold because of the
Corona pandemic.

This report has been published at Harnnet.org in the Tigrigna language. Every year
hundreds of children are preparing for their future life at Wad-Sherifay Refugee
Thank you donors for your genuine support for the needy refugee children.

Best regards,
Michael Tekle, PhD / President, ERCCS