EDA Activities

                    Closure of Scholastic Year of the Eritrean Refugees          
                                Elementary School at Wadsherifey
March 24, 2012

The Eritrean Refugees Elementary School at Wadsherifey, Kassala, which encompasses the elementary and junior
high schools, has concluded its scholastic year successfully and closed for summer vacation on March 16, 2012. The
school has been educating refugee children with an annual enrolment average of 600 students for the last 27 years.

A great number of parents and invited guests have attended the school’s closure celebrations.  

The celebration started with the school Director Mr Teklehaimanot Elfu who took the stage welcoming parents and
honourable guests.  During his presentation, he gave a brief background of the school’s educational services and
values to Eritrean refugees in general and the current year’s performance and achievements in particular.  Mr Elfu
expressed his gratitude to the humanitarian and charity organizations and emphasized that the school could have not
continued to exist and provide services without their generous donations.  He extended his appreciation to the
administrative committee of ASEE and The Reverend Fr. Marino for their valuable support.  The Director also
expressed his gratitude to the head of Catholic Schools in Kassala and to Reverend Fr. Ghebra for all his care and
support to the Wadsherifey School.

The teaching staff and students had made fine preparations to inform and entertain attendees with school
achievement presentations and creative dramas. The attendees enjoyed watching dramas played by students in
languages of Tigrinia, Arabic, Tigre and English. As a result, it was the best day with full of joy for everyone in the
school compound.

In conclusion, the guest of honour, The Reverend Fr. Ghebrai presented awards and prizes to the top performing
students from each class.

A broader report will follow.

The School Administrative Committee
March 24, 2012