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Dear friends,

Appeal on Behalf of Eritrean Refugees

As you may know, the ongoing exodus of the Eritrean youth into the neighboring countries is increasing at an alarming
rate.  A recent count of Eritrean refugee camps in Eastern Sudan shows over 10,000 Eritreans with another over
50,000 in Northern Ethiopia.   Add to this the large long-term refugee caseloads -  those who were displaced by the
last wars between Eritrea and Ethiopia.  Many of these refugees have children that they cannot afford to feed let alone
send to school.  

Hence, Board Members of the Eritrean Democratic Association (EDA) appeal for your tax-deductible sponsorship of one
or more of these unfortunate children.  The cost of covering most expenses for one child in the Sudan is only $20 per
month.  For less than 0.67 cents/day, you have the opportunity of providing basic necessities and school supplies for
one precious life.  A monthly expense of US$20 may not have a negative impact for most of us who live in North
America, Europe, or Australia, but when we use it to support a child refugee in the Sudan or Ethiopia, it can take care
of some basic necessities, books, and provide great hope and moral support that can make a difference in the future of
that individual.

It is our hope, therefore, that you will, not only sponsor one or more of these children but also help us spread the
word to your friends and family and ask them to help!  If not us, who; if not now, when?

The Child Sponsorship Program:

Child Sponsorship program was initiated following the universal practice of international charitable organizations that
work in various countries in helping children exposed to poverty and illiteracy by providing material support as well as
opening doors for education and other opportunities.   Even though the need for this help warrants that a lot more
work needs to be done, some concerned Eritreans, who started soliciting child sponsorships some seven years ago to
provide services to all these uprooted and displaced children, are making

significant positive impact on many children’s lives.   It is about time that we share the burden with them in any way
we can.

Since its inception four years ago, Sponsor a Child program, a unit of EDA, Non-Profit organization, continues to
facilitate the tax-deductible donations from sponsors in North America, Europe, and Australia.  Most Board members
lead by example as they are child sponsors themselves.  One of the unique properties of EDA is the fact that it delivers
all the funds raised for a particular target without taking any portion of it for administrative cost.  EDA can do this
because it is run by volunteers only.   

In conclusion please remember that “Society is responsible to take care of those who cannot take care of themselves.”
Therefore, we Eritreans along with the friends of Eritrea must accept that these unfortunate Eritreans are our
responsibility!   We should just be grateful that we are on the giving end and not the receiving line!!

We hope you will support us in this life-giving effort by making tax-deductible checks to:        

4450 Jana Vista Road                                              
El Sobrante, CA 94803

EDA’S TAX ID is available on request
Board of Directors
(EDA) the Eritrean Democratic Association
Website: www.eritreacare.org




This Addendum shows the additional exemplary programs which are worthy of your support.  These are well managed
and long-standing programs that are designed to provide specific services to our refugee communities in the Sudan:

1.        Wedi-Sherifey School in Kessela: - This school was founded in Kessela, Sudan, more than 26 years ago.  It
accommodates grades 1 – 8.   Last year it had 600 students.   After completing 8th grade the students move on to a
particular Catholic school or any high school in the Sudan.  We are working to expand the school and improve its
quality.  The school organizers and charitable organizations in Genève and in The Vatican have been covering the cost
of operation of the school so far. Also many concerned Eritreans have raised funds and dug into their pockets to help.   
The EDA supports the School but it has cash limitations.

Last June 2010, members of an Eritrean charitable organization (ASEE) held an international music festival in Geneva
and had their tent up to sell traditional food. They raised $11,000 US to support Wedi-Sherifey School in Kessela. It is
possible to do similar efforts in North America and other economically advanced countries, so we would like to remind
you that you give your opinion or do your share on this matter.

2.        The Center for the Physically Challenged/Disabled:  The nonprofit organization, Association of Disabled Eritreans
(ADE) from its headquarter in France has set up a center to shelter many war disabled Eritreans in Kessala, Sudan.  It
has been covering the costs for food and medical treatment for quite some time now and EDA has supported the cause
through fund-raising dinners.  In the month of August 2010 a Chapter of ADE was established in North America.  Your
support of this worthy program would also be appreciated.

3.        Refugee case study and follow up:  (EDA) Working with the appropriate agencies it follows the causes of
migration, the number of refugees that arrive on a daily basis, the hardship and danger that they face, etc.  This
collected data is then disseminated to the public and humanitarian organizations.  It sends reminders to the
appropriate national offices and defends the legal rights and the safety of refugees. Through its representatives it also
follows the conditions of refugee camps in the Sudan and Ethiopia and gives assistance as much as its capabilities
permit. It also pleads with various charitable international organizations for education and vocational training to be
provided in the refugee camps. It has sections to provide health services and education, but there are minimum
requirements that need to be satisfied before it can get equipment and funds. This is why we desperately need your