EDA Activities
Association of Disabled Eritreans (ADE) Held a
Successful Fundraising Event in Chicago, Illinoi, USA
December 9, 2012

Association of Disabled Eritreans (ADE) Chicago Chapter, held a successful fundraising event on December 8, 2012 in
Chicago. A number of Chicago and its environs residents took part in the event.

Association of Disabled Eritreans (ADE), a non-profit organization, registered in France provides humanitarian
assistance to war disabled Eritreans that are living in a shelter center at Kassala, Eastern Sudan.

The event included presentation on the current state of affairs of the disabled Eritreans, as well as problems Eritrean
refugee children face at a time when the UNHCR assistance is no longer available.

In an effort to bring awareness to the importance of the fundraising event, members of ADE presented video clips,
showing interviews conducted with disabled Eritreans in Kassala, Sudan. The video clips streamed through TV screen
also showed Wodisherifey Eritrean refugee children attending school and conducting other school activities.

The presentation and the video clips were very informative, and board members of  ADE  made every effort to
communicate the purpose of the event. The participants were remarkable and made the fundraising event remarkably
successful with their monetary contributions of $4000.00, deposited in ADE’s account.  The total raised is expected to
grow as the amount pledged gets collected.  

All the contributions raised in this event will go to the “disabled Eritreans’ center” in Kassala. ADE board members
express their deep gratitude for everyone’s kindness and contributions.