A Nonprofit Public Benefit corporation

      Fundraising to benefit Wadisherifey Eritrean Refugee School and Eritrean War Disabled                         
Veterans  Held in Oakland, Achieved its Goal Successfully

The Eritrean Democratic Association (EDA), Bay Area, California chapter held its 2015 fundraising event on Saturday
June 27, successfully raising the targeted fundraising goal. Over a period of five hours, concerned and devoted
Eritreans came together and donated generously to the benefit of the Wadisherifey Eritrean Refugee School and
Eritrean War Disabled Veterans, located in Kassala, Eastern Sudan.  Although many who support our call could not be
with us physically due to other events, we are very appreciative that they sent their generous donations.

Eritrean Democratic Association (EDA) is a California (USA) registered nonprofit association, permitted to raise funds
through fund raising events around the world legally. The EDA has been engaged in fund raising efforts for years now
in order to cover the expenses of basic school supplies for students, wages of instructors, and repairing the school
building and school furniture, which are necessary to the continued functioning of the school.

EDA also supports the sister organization, Association of Disabled Eritreans (ADE), a France based association with
chapters in different parts of the world.  Its main focus is to cover the expenses of food, medical-care, and maintaining
the ever-deteriorating house that they live in. The ADE has a volunteer board of directors. The fund it raises comes
from Eritreans and friends of Eritreans. Although the ADE is continuing to engage in raising funds, the current basic
expenses of the disabled Eritreans is far more expensive than the fund the ADE could provide. In addition, expenses
for maintaining and repairing wheelchairs, crutches, and other walking aids is another area where the ADE is
struggling to find ways to solve it.   

At the presentation, members of the EDA Board of Directors, showed video clips and picture slides followed by
explanations to inform the participants that when and how the school and the veteran center were established. EDA
board members used images to show the audience participants that the school educates from grade 1 to 8 with
annual  enrolment that ranges from 600 to 800 students.  It was also addressed that the building and the school
furniture are in a dire need of repairs to ensure sustainable schooling service safely.

Members of the board also showed the living conditions of the Eritrean War Disabled Veterans through power point  
and video streaming that featured interviews with members. The video streaming and the power point message gave
the audience deep insight of the difficult daily life of the Eritrean War Disabled Veterans in terms of their health, daily
meal, housing, wheelchairs and other mobility aids that badly require restoration or replacement.

The EDA Board was glad to receive important suggestions on how to make fund raising events more effective and
appealing that would tailor the right message and improve fund raising strategy in the future.

EDA is grateful to the support it received from rank and file members of the “Bay Area Eritreans for Democratic
change (BAEDC)”, an umbrela community association which is the home for all Eritreans that are engaged in political
organizations, civic movements and independents, demanding freedom and justice in Eritrea.  We also would like to
hail the efforts they have demonstrated to ensure harmonious and cooperative atmosphere within the Eritrean

EDA board members expressed appreciation to the participants for showing up in the event and further emphasized  
that we may not solve the whole problem, but each of us can make a difference in the lives of the needy Eritrean
refugee children and the disabled veterans.

Thank you All for your active participation in the event and very generous in your donations,

The Board of EDA Directors
June 27, 2015