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Eritrean Democratic Association
Attends Amnesty International
Conference in San Francisco

An Eritrean People's Party delegation,  led by Tesfai Woldlemichael
(Dgiga), head of EPP's Foreign Relations, attended a three day
Amnesty International conference in early November in San Francisco,

The conference stressed that raising awareness was central in
ensuring the protection of human rights and  the empowerment of
people in the fight against poverty, backwardness, and corruption.  

A Nonprofit Public
Benefit corporation

Eritrean Democratic
Association (EDA) is a
nonprofit public benefit
corporation founded for public
and charitable purposes under
the California Nonprofit Public
Benefit Corporation Law. With
501(c) (3) nonprofit status,
EDA has the ability to apply for
both federal and state
tax-exempt status. Donations
made by individuals or entities
to EDA are all tax-deductible.
“Sponsor a Child”,
is one of the core goals
of EDA.

The association, through its project,
"Sponsor a Child", launches a
sponsorship scheme for Eritrean
refugee children living in The Sudan,
Ethiopia and other parts of the Horn of
Eritrean Democratic Association
EritreaCare.org - EDA's Official Website
Wad-Sherifey Elmentary
and Junior High School for
Eritrean refugee children in
Kassala, Sudan.
Eritrean Disabled

EDA supports and provides vocational
training to disabled war veterans who
were incapacitated during Eritrea's 30
years of war for independence. EDA will
equally strive to support and provide
assistance for all other disabled
individuals incapacitated by natural
EDA launches a new website –

The Eritrean Democratic Association (EDA) has launched a new
website named EritreaCare.org. EDA has been in existence for the
last seven years. It has so far been giving relief and rehabilitation
services to Eritrean refugees in the Sudan. It now plans to extend its
services to Eritrean refugees in Ethiopia. For many years, EDA has
been supporting an Eritrean refugee school and a war disabled
victims’ center in Kassala, Sudan. It also runs the “Sponsor a Child”
program which has helped many Eritrean refugee children.

EDA is founded for public and charitable purposes under the State of
California Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation Law.  With 501 (C) (3)
nonprofit status, EDA has the ability to apply for both federal and
state tax exempt status.  Donations made by individuals or entities
to EDA are all tax deductable and reach the beneficiaries with no
overhead expences.  

EDA plans to work with all local and international charity
organizations and UN agencies in carrying out its activities. EDA
urges the public and charitable organizations to support its mission
in alleviating the suffering of Eritrean refugees.

With best regards,
EDA, Board of Directors.

A periodic publication addressing EDA's
objectives and activities – EDA is a
"voice" for the voiceless.
October 24, 2010

As you may know, the ongoing exodus of the Eritrean youth into the
neighboring countries is increasing at an alarming rate.  A recent
count of Eritrean refugee camps in Eastern Sudan shows over 10,000
Eritreans with another over 50,000 in Northern Ethiopia.  Add to this
the large long-term refugee caseloads -  those who were displaced
by the last wars between Eritrea and Ethiopia.  Many of these
refugees have children that they cannot afford to feed let alone send
to school.   
Press Release
February 6, 2011
Human trafficking in Sinai, Egypt

Eritrean Democratic Association, Inc. (EDA), a non-profit humanitarian
corporation registered in California, USA, has been following the refugees
saga in the bloody hands of the human trafficking Bedouin Clans in North
Sinai, Egypt.  The Board of Directors of EDA joins all the humanitarian
organizations and democratic associations who have been calling for the
elimination of the scam business of human trafficking.   
Message of Solidarity to
North America Chapter of
Disabled Eritreans
Constituent Congress

July 1, 2010

The Association of Disabled
Eritreans (ADE) is convening a
constituent congress in Chicago,
Illinois in North America on July 3,
2010. This congress will establish an
Eritrean Association of Disabled
Eritreans - North America Chapter.    
Eritrean Democratic Association (EDA) launches
a global fund-raising drive to help Wedisherifoy
Eritrean Refugee School and Eritrean War
Disabled Veteran Center both located in Kassala.
December 24, 2011
Eritrean Democratic Association, Inc. (EDA)
Addressed the North America Eritrean People’s
Democratic Party (EPDP) Regional Conference at
Radisson Hotel in Indianapolis, IN

A Delegation representing the Board of Directors for the Eritrean
Democratic Association addressed the Eritrean regional conference that
gathered at Radisson Hotel in Indianapolis, IN on June 10, 2012.  The
conference attendees representing Eritrean chapters affiliated with EDA,
Inc. arrived from various US and Canadian cities.

630 Eritrean Refugee Children Start
New School Year at Wad-Sherifey, Sudan
Osman Ahmed, School Supervisor
July 20, 2012
Association of Disabled Eritreans (ADE) Held a
Successful Fundraising Event in Chicago, Illinoi, USA
December 9, 2012
Association of Disabled Eritreans (ADE) Chicago Chapter, held a
successful fundraising event on December 8, 2012 in Chicago. A number
of Chicago and its environs residents took part in the event.
EDA annual bulletin / 2nd Edition
Prepared by EDA Board of Directors  
August 15, 2013